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Letting go of time. Why? Time, timing, deadlines, dates - time runs our life. Why would it be good to let go of time? Journey intention: Journey to the lower world with your guides and jump into this card of letting go of time. Ask your guides from their point of view how time enhances or adversely affects your life. Are you tied to certain people or projects that take up too much of your time? Are you always late - for everything? Do you find yourself saying or telling others, "I don't have time"? Have your guides show you a person who adversely affects your time and how to work with, around or let them go. The same with a project. Are your spending too much time on a project that might be able to delegate portions to others? What's blocking you from having all the time you need to get everything accomplished every day? Ask your guides how to slow down time for certain situations.

Healing Cards by Carolyn Myss and Peter Occhiogrosso

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