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The Cover Up

Do you Band Aid things instead of getting to the core and healing them ? How long have you been band-aiding things ? When did you learn this habit ? What happened when you band-aided something recently ? Band aids are meant for to cover a wound of a minor cut or scrape. It's a "temporary" cover while the wound heals to keep out debris and germs. Journey Intention: Journey to find out how many things (physical, mental or spiritual) you have been band-aiding . . . from your guides "spiritual point of view." What needs to happen now from the spiritual point of view to start healing the wounds underneath the band aids ? Are there fears from healing your wounds ? Is is easier simply to cover them up ? What is the cost to you in NOT healing these old wounds ? You may or may not know. Are you willing to continue the cover-ups? Ask your guides to show you from the "spiritual point of view" what the costs are for each place you have band-aided. What are the spiritual benefits of healing your wounds ?



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