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Pamela Albee CCHT, CHI
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   Peat Bog field

 Connemara Ireland 

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Hi - Meet Pam

Pam as a founding member of the Society for Shamanic Practices, has a case study published in the first International SSP Journal and taught a workshop at the 2009 International SSP Shamanic Conference.

Pam has been a member of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and taken many advanced courses. Plus  Pam has taken 5 day workshops with Sandra Ingerman – Soul Retrieval, Tom Cowan – Faery Doctoring, and Myron Eshowsky – Where are the Peacemakers.

Contributing author in:
2000 - Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul 2, The Sweater – Jack Canfield
2006 - Life on a Roll – an anthology of Senior Writers Stories
2008 - 1st Journal of Shamanic Practices 2008, Shamanic Liver Transplant, Issue 1  - SSP

2011 - 1st Edition of Shamanism Without Borders, a Guide to Shamanic Tending for Trauma and Disasters – SSP

2012 - The Journal of Imagery International Sept Vol. 16, Imagery/Hypnosis to Reduce the Pain following Car Accident

2015 - Shamanic Transformations, The Gifts of Shamanism - Itzhak Beery

2019 - 2nd Edition of Shamanism Without Borders, a Guide to Shamanic Tending for Trauma and Disasters – SSP

E books: 

2012 - Bridging the Gap – Pam Albee

2012 - Re-Nesters: When Adult Children return home and turn into slugs and monsters – Pam Albee

Faculty at:
2009 - 5th Annual SSP Conference, Shamanism in Critical Care, Phoenicia NY

2016International Imagery Conference On the Wings of Expansion, Journey through the Spiritual Imagery of the Shaman, Vallombrosa CA.

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More about Pam

Shamanic Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist


Shamanic Practitioner (23 years), Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (18 years) and Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor (12 years), Consultant, Mentor and Coach blending Shamanism in clinical settings and Certified Counselor (15 years) – retired 2017. Pam moved from Spokane, Washington to Maine in May of 2017.

The Beginning of Change

Pam started taking a year’s internship in cross cultural shamanism in 1997. As an intuitive, clairvoyant, and highly sensitive child she was also hyper vigilant feeling and sensing things no one would or could explain to her. She had 2 near drowning's as a child and was often sickly. In 1994 while visiting Ireland, she went out working in the bogs with her sister to collect the dried peat bog called "turf." Pam fell into one of the slices made in the earth from the new way they harvested peat bog. The next day she became very ill with breathing problems and was eventually diagnosed with asthma after returning to the states. As a type A personality she became instantly sidelined with sports and activities.  Disgusted being on numerous medications for three years she often told her doctors that “this illness is not mine and I am not keeping it! They were dismissive and patronizing telling her she would require medications for the rest of her life. 

From the Shamanic point of view - Pam experienced
a divine spiritual initiation. 


One day Pam's friend Tess went to a holistic training on CAM - Complementary and Alternative MedicineThere Tess listened to a shamanic practitioner, Barbara St. Dennis, who specialized in shamanic extraction and depossession work. Tess coaxed Pam into calling the practitioner.  After a short phone call to Barbara St. Dennis Pam gave her permission to do the work. Pam however did not tell the Barb she had been to Ireland three years before – Barb only wanted to know Pam's  name and the issue she was struggling with. Barb told Pam she was going to do a Spirit Release. 


Pam told Barb she just "wanted off meds so she could have her energy and life back."  A few days later Pam drove to home of the Barbara St. Dennis and was told the results of the shamanic session. Barb found and removed  the spirit of an Irish woman who was lodged in Pam’s lungs. Barb explained the intrusive spirit was extracted and transitioned into the Light.

Pam didn’t understand much of what Barb was explaining until later. Barb, started asking questions an wanted to know what Pam did. Pam told her she was a dental ceramist and had been in the dental field for over 25 years. Then Barb smiled and asked Pam again what she did. Pam told her she was a dental ceramist – however the tone came out as more of a question. Then Barb leaned towards Pam and looked deeply into her eyes and asked again. “PAM . . . WHAT DO YOU DO ?” Without even thinking, Pam blurted out that she "took other peoples illness and they got better." (However, Pam always got pretty sick.) Then Barb told Pam in a stern no-nonsense way, “THAT'S A GOOD WAY TO DIE!” Pam spent the rest of the afternoon at Barb's home chatting about shamanism, spirituality. and spiritual initiations.  Barb told Pam she felt that she had some extraordinary gifts and it would be unfortunate not to learn how to use them properly. So Pam’s shamanic education began.

Training and Education

Pam started honing her skills in Shamanic methods and modalities: Plant Spirit Medicine, Psychopomp, Soul Retrieval, Extraction/depossession,  5 Element Chinese Medicine, Bach Flower Remedies, Essential Oils, Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, and Jin Shin High Touch. She became a Nationally Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with 250+hours and then 6 years later became a Hypnotherapy Instructor. During that time Pam also took courses to become an alternative counselor.  In 2004 Pam opened a private practice in Counseling, Hypnotherapy, Healing Touch and Shamanism.

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