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Calling in the Directions

The best way to learn How to Call in the Directions is to meet each direction – one journey at a time - and learn how to honor them from their perspective. There are many, many books about ceremonies to call in the directions. However, why not get it directly from the source? In shamanism we call in the seven directions. Learn how to call them in. Learn how to sing to them. Learn what they do for the earth. Learn what color and element they are associated with. Ask questions – be open minded. Start in the lower world and have your guides take you to the area in non-ordinary reality to meet the Spirit of each Direction. Having a good connection with the Spirits of Direction is a skill building practice. This will be seven-15 minute journeys and becomes your authentic truth of connecting with the Spirits of the Directions. Ask when it is appropriate and important to Call in the Directions. (Your calling may even be silent and performed only using a rattle and your internal voice.) Ask your guides to help you find your authentic way of honoring each of the seven directions. Journey Intentions: Journey to each of the Spirit of the:



East West Sky Above Earth Below All Around


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