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Keep your Focus

From the time we are born we are programmed in many ways through suggestibility to survive, be accepted, be loved, feel safety and get along with others. Society often programs boys vs girls in emotional behaviors – it’s acceptable for girls to cry where boys cannot. Infants are often clothed in pink or blue to signify boy or girl child. Male vs female suggestibility happens in education, careers, and sports. Parent, siblings, teachers, clergy, peers and advertisements all suggest who we should be, wear, associate with, play with, even shampoo we use to the vehicles we drive to be accepted in society. We are hardwired for our survival to feel love, accepted and safe. Journey Intention: Ask whose glasses you wear in your life for various occurrences – that you are NOT aware of. Who taught you about love? Career choices? Racism ? Are you still wearing the glasses of the 13 year old you who got rejected trying to find love at 30? Who taught you about money? Do you still wear their glasses when making purchases or should you borrow their glasses back when making purchases? Have your guides show you how many glasses (of others) you wear from their point of view – not yours. Ask them the costs and benefits of wearing a particular pair of glasses or taking them off and never using them again. This could be a host of multiple journeys and discovery to help your life. Once you realize how many glasses you have in your arsenal – it’s always best to do separate journey to get the full picture of impact or blessings.


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