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Learning to Trust

I learn by example. Sometimes . . . I have to learn by example the hard way. Reading about it just doesn’t cut it for me. So, in the beginning of my shamanic training there was always the question of “Am I making this up? How can I trust what I am getting as the truth? Or real ?” One of my most terrifying and profound journeys was asking the intention of my helping spirits to “show me how to trust you. “

I was roughly one month into my training but had probably 30 or more journeys under my belt. I started my journey with two of my power animals. We went to the lower world with the written intention to help me learn “how to trust them more.” We arrived in the lower world in the landscape of a high mountain terrain with a beautiful green meadow. Small flowers grew here and there smelling sweet and soothing. The view was breathtaking. Soon we were met by a few more power animals and four large angels with huge wings. They told me they were going to teach me how to fly in non-ordinary reality. I was quite hesitant until they told me we would all be holding onto each other, so not to worry.

I was in the middle with two animals and two each on each side. We walked to the edge of the meadow where it sharply dropped off to glorious views of a tiny little town far away with twinkling lights. I could see for at least a hundred miles. It was thrilling!

We all connected together in a good grasp then jumped off the cliff. It was incredible. Just like the spread of an eagle’s wings we glided and soared around looking at the craggy edges of the mountain. Just as my thoughts turned to my intention. THEY DROPPED ME! All of them - totally let go of me. I started screaming and cursing at them. No luck. I continued to fall as they watched. I fell quite a ways screaming, crying and cursing at them for dropping me. I was terrified !

Suddenly I yelled, “Help?” Instantly we were all reconnected. We soared and took in more of the sights for a short while until I could composed myself. Down safely on the ground I angrily asked, “WTF was that all about?” They all giggled and told me I had asked to be shown how to learn to trust them in non-ordinary reality. And even though they had been showing me all along in my journeys, I apparently needed to learn by a different example.

As I was screaming and giving out to them by cursing they were always close by. However, when I yelled “HELP”, they instantly helped me. That’s all I ever have to do is ASK. Simply ASK for help and they will be there. Even though that journey was terrifying, it was also very profound. I have never wavered again in trusting them.

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