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Every year I invite my power animals, Spiritual guides and allies, Master Teachers, Angel support and Jesus to come to participate Thanksgiving day and dinner together.

I journey to personally invite each one a week before the day. I let them know what time to arrive and where the festivities will be held.

The key here is . . . they are the INVITED GUESTS. They simply get to come and enjoy – they are “off the job” for the day. They are “not in service” that day – I AM. It is to give my thanks to all my beloved helping spirits who give such incredible information and healing for myself, clients, my community and the world.

In my next journeys I make lists for preparing what types of foods and beverages to offer for each type of helper. After so many years of doing this it’s exciting to see them all show up in their “off the job” clothes. They visit, play and relax.

One year we had Thanksgiving on a beach near me. Human type allies played volleyball, surfed, went skiing, and threw the frisbee and football around. They wore tank tops, cut offs, and swim suits for the day. Animals brought their families . . . all types played in the sand and water together and shared foods. It was such a joyous occasion and they simply got to “let their hair down” and have fun.

As nighttime fell we had a huge bon fire - some danced, hobbled, jumped around or flew in great acrobatical feats while others drummed, chanted, whistled or rattled. It was quite a celebration. More than once tears fell from my eyes as I watched their joy having the day off and being served.

Your journey intention: Invite your helping spirits for Thanksgiving and be "in service" to them for the day.


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