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Power Animal Issues - Too Big

As an instructor teaching basic cross-cultural core shamanism it always astounded me that invariably one person in each class somehow had some quinky-dink working with power animals.

After taking a year’s internship in shamanism to be eligible to take advanced courses I enrolled in the Foundation For Shamanic Studies Core Shamanic basic. This helps everyone know the basics of core shamanic journeywork and working in non-ordinary reality. Keeps everyone on the same page – so to speak.

During the two-day course one of the first journeys we attempted was learning how to retrieve power animals. Some of the new students were unable to get power animals as their student practice partners couldn’t retrieve one for them. During lunch they asked if anyone would be willing to help retrieve a power animal for these folks. I got paired up with a lady that said her partner could only see black in their journey.

I started into my journey and eventually taken to an all-black area. I couldn't see anything but black, even though I sensed something was there. I smelled and felt around as the black became hairy or furry. So I backed up. I kept backing up until I could see all . . . of a giant black Gorilla.

The Gorilla was massive, yet sweet and kind. I asked why he was so big. He told me the woman needed “lots of protection.” When the drumming stopped, I blew the energy of the Gorilla into the top of her head and then into her chest. I told her about the Gorilla and how enormous he was; and how he knew she needed lots of protection. He also wanted her to know he had been with her a long time. She laughed and said that makes sense, “I work at the State Federal Penitentiary as a prison guard.” Then I laughed and said, “Yes, that makes perfect sense.” She was delighted to understand why she always somehow felt very protected at work.


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