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Power Animal Issues - Disrespect

Power animal Issues

As an instructor teaching basic cross-cultural core shamanism it always astounded me that invariably one person in each class somehow have some interesting issues working with power animals.

One student in class got two power animals retrieved for him. He was very excited as the only one of about ten students to get two power animals. One was a huge male lion and the other was a cricket. The cricket sat in the lion’s mane and talked non-stop. However the lion didn’t communicate at all with the student. Although during the weekend course he got great information from the cricket he was frustrated and wanted the lion to talk to him – which again never said a word.

About a week after the beginning course the student called and said he suddenly had a problem with his journeys. The last journey he had attempted the cricket was talking so much he flicked the cricket off the lion’s mane and then tried to communicate only with the lion. Well, the lion wanted nothing to do with him. So I offered to journey and see what I could find.

I found his lion and the angry cricket who was sitting crumpled on the ground - deeply hurt and disgusted by the student. He told me he was the spokesman for BOTH of them – they came as a pair. I asked if the cricket needed any healing work. He wanted an apology from the student and to be put back on the lion’s mane so he could talk again.

I called the student and shared my journey. He sheepishly confessed his annoyance of the cricket even though he had originally received such great information. I suggested he journey back and make amends with the power animals. He did so the same night and had no further issues journeying and connecting with the two power animals.


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