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Power Animal Issues - Liked it after all

As an instructor teaching basic cross-cultural core shamanism it always astounded me that invariably one person in each class somehow had some quinky-dink working with power animals.

In one of my classes a woman retrieved a skunk power animal for another student. The receiver student was instantly embarrassed and openly sobbed. She “didn’t deserve a stupid smelly skunk.” We took a short break while I chatted with her privately, encouraging her to at least journey once with it and see what happens.

At the end of the callback of the next journey to meet and greet their new power animal the same woman came out of the journey sobbing again. I let her process her tears and when she was composed asked her if she would be willing to share with the class her journey. She wasn’t willing to share the information she got except to say with a huge grin, “This is the BEST power animal!” She went on to have successful journeys with her skunk.


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