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Power Animal Issues - Wrong Power Animal

As an instructor teaching basic cross-cultural core shamanism it always astounded me that invariably one person in each class somehow had some quinky-dink working with power animals. I met a wonderful couple at a shamanic conference who had recently taken the basic core shamanism course. They knew what each other loved as far as animals and so when it came time to retrieve power animals for each other they DID NOT follow the instructions. They just went to the lower world – searched for their loved ones FAVORITE animal and brought the essence/energy/spirit of that animal back with them.

Over dinner they were sharing with me how hard it was to connect with their new power animals. I asked how they each retrieved the others and both said the same thing. “I knew what she wanted – so I got that one.” “I knew what he wanted – so I got that one.” After gently explaining that wasn’t how it worked, I offered to journey for them.

He received a rattlesnake and she received a buffalo. As I talked with each one independently each became very emotional and asked me how I knew? Apparently he had a rattle snake (as a friend) when he was a kid and loved rattlesnakes. She also had buffalo pictures, stone fetishes and buffalo items all over her home. She too wanted to know how I knew. I explained again how to retrieve a power animal – since we don’t choose them – they choose us at birth. I worked with them for a little while after the conference and both were able to easily connect with the new helping spirits


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