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How's Your Ladder ?

Many people are dissatisfied with their place in life. We reach for other people, other jobs, other homes, other vehicles – it goes on and on. In that reaching, we often find ourselves on a ladder. It’s good to find out about the ladders you use. They may be different for each subject. Some may be old or new. Some may be short or really long. And some ladders in your life may be leaning against the wrong wall to achieve success in the particular area you want. If you are struggling in your life and not reaching career moves, finances, or relationships that you want journey and find out. Journey Intention: Show me what my ladder looks like when reaching for my goal (add your subject here.) Ask what needs to happen for me to: get a new ladder, shift to a different wall, or secure the ladder I already have? How has the ladder of choice helped or hindered your life and growth from the spiritual pint of view? Notice if the wall your ladder is leaning against has and end. If you can climb to the top - what is on the other side? Has this wall been blocking you from getting what you want or where you want to be? Allow your guides to tell you what they know (from their perspective and point of view) about the ladders in your life and how you have used or misused them. Or now, how to get your ladder leaning against the best wall for you. And maybe . . . you don't need a ladder at all !



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