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Shift Key

We all have a “SHIFT” key inside us; but most of us either don’t know we have one or never use it. We get complacent, stuck in a rut or become frozen in fear. We stay in jobs we hate – because it pays the bills. We stay with people we loathe – because we fear there might not be anyone else out there for us.

The extreme: Some people have even been gaslighted to believe they are worthless or that no one else would hire them or ever love them. People who have been gaslighted have been fed statements and have been subjects of tactics over time to diminish and destroy their self-worth. This is to keep them subservient and under the control of the narcissist. People who have been gaslighted would be best served working with a counselor who has knowledge and training in the field of personality disorders of the narcissist.

Journey to the lower world with your helping guides and ask how they perceive you. Allow them to show you how you are stuck and teach you ways to become unstuck and use your internal Shift Key. Ask questions to find out: how you became stuck, how long you have been stuck, or what habits and behaviors contribute to your stuckness. You can ask them to show you how you have allowed others to participate in keeping you stuck; and how to SHIFT into other ways of being that will enhance your life.



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