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Who stole your tent ?

Detective Holmes and his partner Watson were out camping and Holmes woke up with a startle. Looking around he nudged Watson and asked him what HE SAW around them. Watson became very excited and began to tell how he could see the beauty of nature. He saw the magnificent galaxy and the stars. He went on to embellish how he could hear songs the different birds were making. And just as he was about to continue Holmes grouched at Watson and yelled, “NO, you idiot - someone stole our tent ! So which personality type are you from the “spiritual point of view?” How do your guides see you? Are you the glass half empty or the glass half full type of person? How does it cost you or keep you from enjoying life or people more? Journey Intention: Ask questions and find out if and when you started to be suspicious and detective like instead of being free and joyful? From your guides point of view how can you begin to change those traits if you want? Learn to lighten up a little and ask your guides to show or tell you times you have missed out on life because of the Holmes mentality in your life and how to change your perspective. If you are already a Watson type ask if you are too carefree and how that may cost you ? Ask to help find a balance of safety and playfulness in your life.


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