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Just hanging in there ?

Does it feel like you are just hanging on . . . by your fingernails or toes? Life is giving us an abundance of challenges right now. How do you keep yourself in balance while just trying to survive? A few ideas are to work with your helping spirits to find your inner balance - your homeostasis.

When we have inner balance we become RESILIENT. We become STRONG and can hold boundaries. We are able to make positive decisions for ourselves and others in our care. So how do you use the practice of journeywork to help yourself find inner balance? Well . . . it’s a process . . . . there is NO QUICK FIX !

Journeys to help yourself – you can do all these journeys in the lower world with your guides 1) Take a diagnostic journey to ask your helping guides to show you if you are spiritually “out-of-balance.” Ask questions: to find out how, in what ways, and/or all the time are you out of balance. Are you impacted – energetically by negative energies of others or by spiritual interferences or intrusions? Come out of that diagnostic journey and write down all the information. Circle the different parts of answers. Each circle will become a separate journey. 2) Regarding what you learned take each section and journey to it separately. You do not want to miss all the juicy information you can discover about yourself. When you do this you are opening up ways to know yourself better by exploring aspects that knock you out of balance. During these journeys you can find: how long you have been out of balance, are you acting like a vacuum and sucking in negative energies – how to stop that phenomenon, what starts the decline of you becoming out of balance – it is people at home, work, or a boss? Keep asking questions to determine how you become or continue to become “spiritually out of balance.” Write down all your findings. This helps you look back and see where you have come from and allows you to troubleshoot future problems faster. 3) Once you have the how’s and why’s of being “spiritually out of balance” – then do another journey to ask how to KEEP yourself IN BALANCE all day . . . every day. The end result is that when we are in balance we are resilient to life’s struggles. We are more resilient to immune system breakdowns. We are able to hold strong boundaries around others who have in the past used, abused or took advantage of us.



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