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Hey ! Yes, you ! Are you listening to what others are saying? How does it affect you ? Do you keep hearing the same thing over and over again, yet do nothing about it ? Journey Intention: Journey to your guides and ask what they notice about you regarding your ability to listen to others. Or even them. Are you a know-it-all and don't feel the need to listen ? Are you closed down to listening to others sage advice ? How will your guides be able to help you from the "spiritual point of view" if you are not willing to listen ? Do you take advice from people that perhaps don't have your best interest at heart ? Learn who in your circle of family, friends or co-workers is best to listen to. Learn who has not been so-good to listen to; and what happened when you took their advice. Do you listen to the advice of your primary healthcare providers regarding your mental and physical health ? Ask what would happen if you started listening and taking advice from your helping spirits who are ALWAYS working on your best and highest good ? Are you always waiting to say your stuff instead of really listening to another ? Do you interrupt others to get your words heard ? Is this a bad habit ? What needs to change for you to start listening, reflecting and getting the "spiritual point of view" from your guides if the words are really "for you?"



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