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We all have fear at some time in our lives. It can be debilitating and keep us from enjoying life to the fullest. So . . . what’s your fear? Snakes, spiders, death, lack of money, relationships or a home. How about your health? Journey Intention: journey to the source of your fear about “X”. This is a lower world journey about yourself with your helping spirit(s) and ask from their point of view what they know about your fear. Don’t be shy – your guides know all about you. They see us from a spiritual point of view. We see US from OUR experiences and ego perspectives. This journey may need to be accomplished in more than one journey. Don’t rush it. If you truly want to heal at the root of your fear(s) and heal it forever, be patient, loving and kind with yourself. There is no failure here – only learning from the shamanic point of view how to look at an issue and ask for help in healing it. Let them take you back in time and show you how your fear about a particular subject started. Once you explore and discover the root of your fear you can begin to heal. Ask your guides what it will take to heal from this particular fear. Let them tell you or show you in steps what needs to happen. This is usually a process. Keep asking questions; and how to get to the next level of healing.



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