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We all procrastinate at times for various reasons. However, when procrastination becomes an obstacle or block in your life it’s time to find out the core of why you procrastinate and the underlying spiritual aspect. What’s the underlying emotion attached to your reason from procrastinating? You might be surprised how the spirit world views why you are procrastinating. You can find out how to heal those wounds from the point of view of your allies. You can journey back in time and see what lead you to have the original impact of a particular emotion like fear, anger, or rejection. See how it has impacted your life through the ages. Was it helpful or harmful? Has it stunted your forward progress in love, relationships, career, or income? Have you procrastinated asking for that raise you greatly deserve? Have you procrastinated in moving to another location? Have you procrastinated in asking for a divorce – thinking the current partner is better the devil you know that the devil you don’t know? Ask your guides show you what might be possible if or when you stop procrastinating about a specific subject. If you have more than one area – please do separate journeys to get all the information you can regarding that subject. Ask lots of questions.

Journey Intention: Show me when, where and why I procrastinate and the underlying emotions. Ask how procrastinating in doing journeys to help myself are impacting me?



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