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The Dance of Anger

Expressed or unexpressed anger by society standards is inappropriate. Gender gives applause to expressed anger in a male: “he’s passionate, he’s a fighter, he’s a good leader” Whereas a female with anger gets called derogatory names, “she’s hysterical, she’s hormonal, she must be on the rag.” Anger is a dance of ebb and flow, softness and intensity. It’s important to see where your anger stems from if you feel you have a problem with expression. In my experiences with clients and students we find anger in their body and dissect it. We get to know the root of their anger. We find out if it’s really theirs all along. Was it a “gift” from someone or are they like a vacuum and suck others anger into them to hold or unknowingly hold. Journey Intention: Journey with your power animal to the lower world and ask them to show you what your anger looks like from their point of view. Then begin asking questions: How much of it is mine and how much others? How do I accumulate others anger – how does it get inside me? What needs to happen to remove another’s anger? Once you have isolated ALL your own anger ask more questions? Are there themes to my anger? Who do I hold my anger with that would be better if I expressed it? Who do I overtly express my anger with that would be good to learn to origin of why it comes out so harshly or aggressive? How did I learn to stuff, hold or express anger? How is that serving me now at my age? What would be good for me to know about my anger that I am NOT AWARE of ?



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