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Achieving Success

How are your beliefs around attracting success? Is it your birthright? Perhaps it has never felt that way. Use this card to ask questions with your guides regarding your Law of Attraction's ability to have success in money and love. Are you unconsciously pushing success away from you ? Journey Intention: Journey with your guides to the lower world to ask your guides to show you from their point of view how you attract or repel success. Ask what might be blocking the way of having success or more success. If there are blocks, get the details of what they look like. How big or small - wide or long? What is the block made of? How long has the block been in place? Who originally placed the block directing success away from you ? Find out what feeds the block to stay in place. Then, ask your guides what needs to happen to remove or release the block from their point of view. HINT: Seeing a block and releasing it without why, when, how and what's next prevents you from learning how to troubleshoot other blocks in your life. This is a self-help tool for change.

Money and the Law of Attraction cards by Esther and Jerry Hicks


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