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Make a Wish

Ever make a wish and wonder where it goes? Do your wishes get fulfilled ? Do they end up at the bottom of the wishing well? Or . . . do they come out of your mouth and fall to the ground - never getting a chance to take flight? This card has two Journey Intentions: 1) Journey to see what happens in the spirit world when you make a wish.

2) Journey to see where previous unfulfilled wishes you made have gone. Ask if they are viable or still appropriate for you. And ask what needs to happen to give them flight.

Ask your guides why wishes fall after leaving you, end up at the bottom of the well or on the ground. Is there a better way to wish from the spiritual point of view? Did you keep making the same wish and perhaps it was NOT for your highest good? Learn from your guides what needs to happen when making wishes . . . allowing them to come to fruition.



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