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The Journey

Shamanic journeys are the connection to non-ordinary reality. Learn what needs to happen for you to have more successful journeys . . . from the loving point of view of your guides. Are you honoring your time spent in reflection with your power animals and guides? Are you preparing well for your connection to spirit ? Are you giving yourself enough space and time to let go of outside distractions and go deeply into non-ordinary reality in the spirit world ? Are you able to easily communicate with your guides and allies? Of not, what needs to happen "from the guides point of view" that would help you have successful communications ? Keep asking how to better your journeys from the guides "point of view." They can help show or tell you what's blocking you. Remember . . . there are NO FAILURES, it's ONLY LEARNING. Learning what works and what doesn't. If your connection to spirit is important to you keep practicing.

Shamanic Oracle Cards by Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid and Marcello Lobos



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