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Are you a Pinocchio?

Do you remember the story of the little wooden boy whose nose grew every time he told a lie? Even when he wasn’t aware he was lying – his nose grew. Are you in the habit of telling little white lies or even telling big whoppers to suit whatever situation you are in?

Or . . . are you an unconscious Pinocchio ? Journey Intention: Journey with your helping spirit to the lower world and find out if and when you lie . . . and if and when you are NOT aware of it.

You know how you feel when you have been lied to by others. Allow your guides to show you examples of you and others when you lied. Then watch the others and listen to their remarks after you leave the scene. What did those lies cost you? How is your reputation amongst others for your integrity? Have you become a known as a fibber or liar at home, with friends or at work?

If you detest people lying to you? This is the time to become aware of your conscious OR unconscious habit and behavior of white lies, convenient fibs or whoppers. Ask your guides to show you what the cost of lying small, medium or big has been for you in relationships or jobs. Or perhaps you have simply been lying to yourself . . . about your health, finances or intimate relationships. Did you really forget what you promised to do? Did you say you "tried" but you really did not? Frankly, "trying is lying." Either you do something or you do not. It's a choice. Be honest. Apologize if you need to. Be impeccable with your words.

Ask your guides how to start making amends to others and clean up your act of being a conscious or an unconscious Pinocchio. Allow them to nudge you when you are starting a lie and help you STOP . . . take a step back and find the words that will be authentically truthful yet compassionate and kind. Inner Child Cards by Isha Lerner and Mark Lerner



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