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Be in Service

What's it mean to "Be in Service?" It's interesting as more and more people become enlightened and touched by spirit in profound ways that they feel a calling to "be in service." There are hundreds of thousands of ways to be in service. However, which if the best for you. What is YOUR calling? What is YOUR niche to help others?

Being in service can be as simply profound as making it your mission to smile at everyone you encounter. That small gesture could turn a lonely or desperate person's day around and perhaps save their life. Kindness is needed EVERYWHERE.

Journey Intention: Journey to your guides and ask what's the best way for you to "be in service." Then ask lots of questions. Why this and not that? Why here and not there? What kinds of specialties do I already have that make positive impacts on others? How do I embellish those more?

Ask your guides to take you back in time to show you the impact you made on (just) one person . . . having no idea of the outcome. How did you touch their life? What words or gestures of yours contributed to their life?

If you want to "Be in Service" professionally . . . what does that mean? Do you need more education or training? Do you need to work on yourself first to be ready to help others? Ask your guides to help point you in the best direction for you to BE IN SERVICE.



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