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Spirit of Butterfly

Butterflies are magical creatures. They start life out as a happy little caterpillar and then go through a metamorphic change. Completely shifting its looks and ability to move around into a butterfly. Metaphysical words associated with butterflies are transformation, hope, change, endurance, resurrection, and psychopomp. Journey Intention: Journey to the lower world with your guide(s) to the Spirit of Butterfly and allow them to teach you about self-care and your own personal transformation. Is it time for you to go though a metamorphic change from the spiritual point of view? Ask why your guide may feel its an important aspect of life - your life, to change. Are you simply in the caterpillar state and do you need to go through the change to learn to fly and move through the world in a different way? Ask the butterfly who comes in your journey if it would take you on a fly-around. This helps give us different perspectives of what's going on in our lives that we available to us in ordinary reality.

Butterfly Oracle for Life Changes cards by Doreen Virtue



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