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Well Being

This card shares that the "Universe knows me and adores me. "But . . . what if you don't feel that way. What if life hard been hard and people have been rude? What if it feels like no-one knows the REAL you or adores the REAL you? Journey Intention: Journey with your guides to the lower world and ask how the Universe knows you and how the Universe adores you from the spiritual point of view. Some people never feel seen, heard or liked let alone adored. Ask to be shown how to feel more acknowledgement from the Universe. The girl in this card is sleeping. Sleep depravation as with fluid dehydration makes the world a harder place to be in. Ask if you are getting enough sleep for your soul and well being. Are you getting enough good clean fluids during the day to help your body function and prevent brain fog?

Well Being Cards by Esther and Jerry Hicks


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