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Work Stress

How's your work stress affecting your life? Family? Health? Are you overburdened with work because:

  • You are wearing golden handcuffs - too much debt

  • Can't say "No" to the boss

  • Can't let go and delegate

  • Have to multitask to show your value

  • Fear of being laid off or fired


  • Are a perfectionist

  • Self employed and no one else to help out

Journey Intention: Journey to find out "from the spiritual point of view" of your guides view your life, health and relationships being affected by your work stress. Ask question to find out ways you can start releasing fears, how to change spending habits and clean up debt, learn to start saying "NO." What keeps you from delegating and teaching others to share the load?

How can I relieve my work stress that I have not known before? Keep asking questions. Who. What. When. Where. Why.

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